Tag: Goals

June 15, 2020

“The Battery and Brain” – The Power of Organized Effort

When we think of batteries, we technically imagine of its shapes, sizes and where it is installed. For one thing, it depends on what image pop-up in your brain. Maybe on remote control of your television, on cars or even on what you’re holding right now. At this moment you’re possibly wondering why did I use “The Battery and Brain” and “The Power of Organized […]

June 6, 2020

What if you’re a tree, are your fruits tasty? – Tree of Life

What if you’re a tree, are your fruits tasty? As an illustration, imagine you’re a tree, any kind of a tree that bears a fruit. That is planted in any places that you’re thinking. Such as forest, backyard, field and etc. Then the parts of the tree are the parts of your body. The branches are your arms, the twigs are your fingers, the leaves […]

May 15, 2020

An attitude that we have that Ants Doesn’t

Have you ever wondered why ants are always present in almost every place that we go to? Whether it is in our home, offices, restaurants, and many other places on Earth. Even though in the Sahara Desert where the temperature exceeds 38 to 40 °C. Eventually, if we try to get rid of these insects, they will never stop what they are doing. It is […]

May 10, 2020

How to manage your Procrastination

What Is Procrastination? Procrastination is the thing in your mind that triggers you into delaying and avoiding the task that you need to do. Despite knowing that it might have negative consequences. It could be further stated as habitual or intentional delay of tasks or duties. That are needed to be accomplished right away, but is just accomplished right at the end of the given […]

May 4, 2020

Why is practicing your mind to see GOLD everywhere a good idea?

When I say “to see gold everywhere”, I didn’t mean that you have to dig every land surface that you see to search for gold. What my point is, practice your mind to think about ways on how you can make money out of everything that you see or touch. To elaborate more, let’s create a story and put you as an example; Story time! […]

May 2, 2020

10 books you must read during Quarantine!

You need to read at least one of these books for the rest of your life! Do you like reading books? If so these books are perfect for you to learn. But if you’re not, try to read some. So then Let’s Get to it! 1. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill This book conveys the experience of more than 500 men of great […]