7 principles of huna philosophy
May 31, 2020

The 7 Principles of Huna Philosophy – The secret of Shamans

By rrrjagz


To love is to be happy with.

If you’re at all familiar with Hawaiian culture, then you’ve probably heard the word “Aloha”. There are many different uses for the word. It is “hello”, and it’s “goodbye”. In ancient Hawaiian culture, it actually refers to seeing into someone and breathing together. But more than anything else, it is also love.

No matter how the word is used, it should always come from a place of compassion.  ALOHA is a way of life that brings you closer to your heart.[8]

In Huna philosophy, love is what creates happiness, it also stated that the universe exists because of love. Humans being exists because of love even when they don’t acknowledge it.

Happiness is the foundation of love, and love is the foundation of existence. If you love someone or something you are giving them an existence in your life and this existence will make you happy as well as to be loved by someone it will make you feel happy.

To love someone or something is to be happy with them or it.  The experience of love can be directed towards a physical manifestation of energy such as a person, animal, tree or object. It can also be subtle and nonphysical such as the love for existence. This requirement, having something else be a part of the love equation, demonstrates the interconnectedness with all that is, in all its varying frequencies and energy forms.[9]


All power comes from within.

You are way more powerful than you realize. Each of us possesses huge potential for impact. The concept of mana is that there’s one source of power that flows through all of us, that there’s no power outside of you that has any power over you unless you think it does. It’s possible to create, destroy, restore, transform, anything is possible.

Therefore, Realizing that you have a tremendous inner power will enable you to completely control your own self and share this power with others.[10]

You don’t need to find an external power for you to generate and do the plans in your mind. There is always a power that stores in your mind that can push you to do the plan that you are thinking. If you can enable this power by understanding that you don’t need a power from other sources. You will automatically analyze what are the steps for the plan that you have.


Effectiveness is the measure of truth.

This principle is not referring to absolute truth, but an effective truth at an individual level of consciousness. If something is true and genuine, it will create a positive and beneficial shift or change in something or someone.

If you are genuine with your feelings and relationship to others, all of the things that you are doing will reflect on how it will become more effective. However, if you’re trying hard to act in a truthful way you can give effectiveness. On the other hand, it will come to the point that the effect of what you are doing will decrease over and over. Unless you can manage to make your feeling true.

  • 7 principles of huna philosphy. hawaiian magestic islands and mountains
  • 7 principles of huna philosphy. hawaian dancing aloha
  • hawaiian magestic islands and mountains
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The 7 principles of Huna philosophy are inclusive, so we can reflect and use it in any field in our life. It is also a great introduction to the power of consciousness.

I hope it can help you to enable your highest wisdom and bring you to the full potential of yourself.

I also hope that you’ve enjoyed reading about these 7 Principles of Huna Philosophy.


Always remember to think positive thoughts, believe that you have limitless potential, spread the positive energy to yourself and to the universe, be mindful of the present, Love is happiness, Look inside yourself to discover your power and, Observe the effect to know what is truth.

Thank you for reading!!

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