7 principles of huna philosophy
May 31, 2020

The 7 Principles of Huna Philosophy – The secret of Shamans

By rrrjagz

The 7 Principles of Huna Philosophy:

1. IKE

The world is what you think it is.

Everything we do influences our personal experience of reality and it shapes the world around us. If we live a life thinking of fear and doubt, then we are creating a reality of fear and doubt. However, if your beliefs and emotions are focused on joy and curiosity, you shape your world in a much more positive and gratifying way.

In every situation in our life we are imagining what will happen next, we are creating a scenario in our mind related to the situation that we are facing, it can be goals, problems or anything that we can deal with. This specific scenario that we created is the result of what we think of the world is. It is gathered because of the situations that we have experienced that shaped our lives.

Everything we think of this world we are giving meaning to it whether it is good or bad. If you think that this scenario will going to be bad, what are you expecting to happen? It will become worse. If you think that the world you are living is a crap no matter what good will happen at the end of the day, month, years or decade until your last breath nothing will going to change the way you think of it, because “the world is what you think it is” unless you are willing to change how to look at it.


There are no limits, everything is possible.

There are no limits and boundaries in the process of being and becoming but, only self-imagined and imposed ones. So, everything you would like to happen, can happen. When you learn to imagine about things in this way, the idea of manifesting what you want through thought and feeling, it will help you to enable your highest wisdom within.

Boundaries do not exist and separation is an illusion. By the nature of energy there’s a certain sense in which we’re all interconnected and all one, relating to the sense that your actions and thoughts influence the universe and the universe influences you.

In short, there are no limits and boundaries between you, the universe and your goals in life. If you believe in what you want to achieve, you will unlock your own world of limitless abilities. By allowing yourself to expand and by opening your mind, you will naturally seek out new pathways, and ultimately change what is possible.


Energy flows where attention goes.

Always remember that by understanding where to put your attention is by understanding that your attention is connected by your emotion.

Emotion can be translated as energy in motion. You need to control your emotion in every situation by to putting your attention on the emotion that helps you to direct your positive energy.

When you direct your attention to negative thoughts and emotions, this will not only creates a less pleasant reality, but can also do so at a very fast rate.

Conversely, if you can direct energy towards things that excite you and make you feel good, you’ll lend a lot more power to your intentions.

When you focus your physical, mental and emotional attention, not only does all of your energy channels into what you are focusing on, but you will also attract energy from the world around you.

We can relate this to the Law of Attraction which uses the power of the mind to translate whatever is in our thoughts and materialize them into reality.


Now is the moment of power.

Living in the present is the best way to create a wonderful existence. You have the power at this moment to change the limiting beliefs that you have.

It’s important to see that the past memories and experience that you have dealt with. It can be a good memory or bad experience. It will unconsciously put a limitation and affect the way you look at your future. But the good thing is you have the power at this very moment to change it. Gathering all the lessons and fact that can empower you helps you to plant the seed of your goals that you can harvest in the future.

By taking the steps or actions immediately without hesitations can help you to do what are you needed to do, especially if this action can benefit you to achieve your ultimate desire.

Start working right now to change the limiting beliefs that are holding you back and plant seeds which will create a future you desire.

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